How to create a Template in Onirix

Templates in Onirix are information structures that help us define data sets that we want to associate with our assets. They can be data that the final user is going to visualize (for example the product sheet of a catalog, with its price, discount, description ...); but also data that we can use internally (metainformation of an element of an external database, such as the internal id of the product for example).

These structures are used to define the way we will fill in the information, using the Datasheets (see Datasheets page).

Can I create Templates from my account?

Templates can be created only from developer accounts. In case you have a Creative account you can use the default template that is already defined within Onirix:

  • Creatives: Use of Template by default.
  • Developers: Creation of unlimited Templates. Use of Template by default.